Welcome to my blog, Hippy Healing! 

Hippy Healing

Dear viewers and friends,

Here I post relevant topics I have learnt from all my studies and observations as well as professional articles from other valuable sources. Having a background in Oriental and Indian medicines, I do my best to draw a connection between the topics of addiction, co-occurring disorders and disease with a holistic approach. There are daily post that cover a variety of topics that you can find in the main menu. Also, I pick a song, book or video everyday that can inspire and assist in your recovery which I cleverly like to call a Daily Dose. The Tools tab will give yo an assortment of online resources and smartphone applications that can be used to aid in your new life of sobriety. I also tell a bit of my story with my drug history and psychosis experiences. Some of these posts are password locked but I would be happy to give you the password if you leave me a message.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below the post. You can personally message me and support the blog by liking it on Facebook. Don’t forget to invite your friends to the page and subscribe for e-mail updates!

Keeping up with this blog and getting such great feedback from family and friends has helped keep me motivated and informed on all the reasons I should stay clean. I hope you will find just as much value as I have in my writings and research!

Love and Light,


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