My name is Robyn and I am addict.

I have been struggling with my addiction since I was 15. Popping pills, smoking blunts and snorting cocaine was  something normal to me until I wound up as a psych patient half way around the world in India. It wasn’t until I came back that I realized that I had a problem. Stealing, lying and conniving was apart of my everyday life despite the exterior persona I attempted to project. No one suspected my use because I was a student at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, always boasting about holistic health, yoga and the organic vegan lifestyle. I appeared to be the least likely person to be using such chemically poisonous drugs but I was using them regularly in my excuse to ‘get by.’ Over the years I developed eating disorders, bipolar and borderline personality disorders. My dreams of practicing massage therapy and Ayurveda (ancient Indian medicine) disappeared in the fog of my addicts routine to crave, seek, use, crave, seek, use, crave, seek, use. It took a few more hospital visits and a psych ward to get into rehab where I found hope again. Now that I’m and out, I feel like the best thing I can do for my sobriety is to live in the 12 and help others with what I know. Whether your an addict, a family or friend of an addict or just someone interested in the disease of addiction, I hope I can shed some light or offer something that can aid you on your journey in recovery with my perspective on Eastern medicine and holistic health.

To read my private stories, send me a comment and I’ll give you the password. You just need to promise to leave your story behind 😉


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  1. Hi Robyn, interesting blog you have here. You may find the link below an interesting aid. It’s an extremely powerful natural healing tool which has helped me enormously with my own addictions though the final portion of the breathing is conta-indicated in Bi-Polar disorder. It’s completely free too (just click the online version link on the left). All the best 🙂

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  3. Hi Robyn, Thanks for the follow! This is an awesome blog you have here, For a few years I have been moving away from more ‘traditional’ approaches to healing. We are like long lost recovery sisters 🙂 I am looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

      • Hi just select ur respective page and give a comment there about ur blog and its description. Add the badge in our page and link to blogumberilla back. If you can’t find page concerning our blog category plz leave ur desired category on the about page. Thanks and cheers…!

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